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Cellulosic Sugars and

Cellulosic Biofuels - Ethanol & Biogas

The fibrous, cellulose biomass extracted from MSW using the Seerdrum is an extremely important, renewable feedstock for those wishing to manufacture biofuels, especially ethanol and biogas. The cellulose fibre is comprised largely of the card and paper found in the MSW.

In a further step, this cellulose can be converted to sugars, cellulosic sugars. These are an extremely valuable product to convert to liquid biofuels.

Ethanol can be blended with gasoline to make road fuels, notably E10 or 10% ethanol. If the cellulosic sugars are used for biogas production, the sugars can be used to feed the on-site anaerobic digester to substantially increase gas production.

Producing cellulosic sugars from the organics extracted from MSW is a specialised field and a proven process at commercial scale.

Of course, the cellulose sugars are valuable as a building block of industrial chemical products such as organic resins.

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