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Many years ago, the current Technical Director of Vickers Seerdrum Ltd was the founder of Industrial Handling Equipment Ltd designing, manufacturing, installing and operating scrap recovery plants world wide. Primarily for the steel making and foundry industries. This industry went into decline in the West as the industrial base moved to the Far East. A few photographs are provided here to demonstrate the degree of engineering design now embedded within Vickers Seerdrum Ltd; which of course is still processing waste into useful, recoverable products just as Industrial Handling did. Only this time it is municipal solid waste.


Metal Recovery from Foundry Waste forĀ Ford Motor Company Dagenham. 10,000 tons per year.


Metal Recovery Plant for Corby Steel Works, 500 tons per hour.

lisbon steel works.jpg

Metal Recovery Plant for Waste from Lisbon Steel Works


Large Electro Magnets for Metal Recovery Plants. Hurst Street, Birmingham, England


The young MD of Industrial Handling Equipment & Plant Ltd beside a large electro magnet and in front of a scrap metal recovery plant for the Ed Levy Co, Detroit. Photo credited to the Birmingham Post & Mail.

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