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SeerdrumEC Electrocoagulation Trials for Ethanol Thin Stillage Solids Concentration/Water Separation

Ethanol production Thin Stillage.  SeerdrumEC Electrocoagulation treated and after settlement showing solids concentration to go to the evaporator.

Thin Stillage left hand beaker at approx 40,000 mg/l solids.   Right hand beaker clarified water after Electrocoagulation treatment apron 1500 mg/l and around 96% removal of solids.

Thin Stillage is the liquid fraction after centrifuge treatment of the post fermentation solids. It is generally send to an evaporator to make a syrup. This syrup is added to the corn solids from the centrifuge to make animal feed. By treating the Thin Stillage with electrocoagulation, it is possible to reduce the water content sent to the evaporator but maintaining the bulk of the solids. This should deliver significant energy savings. The SeerdrumEC used mild steel ferrous electrodes.

Seerdrum 10 tonne per hour manufacture underway for Fiberight LLC, USA

Base frame complet and pointes c/w all 12 no. support and drive wheels.  Solid billet machined shafts awaiting Nord gearbox motor units

SeerdrumEC Electrocoagulation Water Treatment Plant for Sibelco Clay Mine Waste Water, Germany

Clay Mine.  Rain water is pumped out and needs its suspended solids removing before disposal to river.

SeerdrumEC Demo Plant processing the contaminated rain water.  This demo plant is 2 m3/hr

Image showing contaminated water with 0.2 micron clay particles and clean water after  SeerdrumEC
treatment and clarification using a lamella settler

Contaminated clay mine water after SeerdrumEC treatment and one hour settlement in beaker.
The clay suspension is 0.2 micron.  The sediment in the bottom is the previously suspended clay

10 Tonne per Hour Seerdrum under fabrication for Fiberight LLC, USA

10 tonne per hour Seerdrum main pulping drum under fabrication.  Continuously auto welded seams
inside and out.  Complete with drive wheel support bands and thrust bearing ring.

10 tonne per hour Seerdrum main frame which will support the driven and free wheeling wheels and 
solid billet machined shafts and bearings.

3 no. 22.5 kW Nord gearbox motor drives from Germany.  Same type used in wind turbines and VERY

10 Tonne per Hour Seerdrum Manufactured for, Synergy Solutions, USA

on trailer 1.jpg

Delivery to Georgia after landing in Norfolk, VA.  Some truck!

3 Tonne per Hour Seerdrum for Fiberight LLC, USA, trials

Small, 3 tonne per hour Seerdrum ready for shipment to the USA for trials at Fiberight LLC.  This Seerdrum
is available for client trials on MSW processing.  Please enquire.  info@seerdrum.com

seerdrum 3

3 Tonne per Hour Seerdrum operating at Lawrenceville, USA


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