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Products Recovered - The Inert Fraction

The Inerts - Metals, Plastics, Textiles, Glass

The coned discharge end of the Seerdrum delivers all of the overs. This comprises largely the inert fraction but will also include some larger, unpulped organic material. These inerts and overs will be in a relatively clean state and most of the metal cans will have had their paper labels scrubbed off. The very great bulk of the pulpable organics will have been separated from the inerts and have been discharged separately through the trommel screen leaving the overs discharge as nearly all inert material.

Overs discharge from Seerdrum

Discharge of inert material to conveyor to MRF.

Post Seerdrum Processing of Overs

Inerts Handling MRF and Metals Recovery

Picking line

Picking Line

Clear PET under Picking Line

Recovered PET

Coloured HDPE under picking line 3

Recovered Coloured HDPE

Aluminium cans 1

Recovered Aluminium Cans

HDPE bottles

Recovered Clear HDPE

Ferrous cans 1

Recovered Steel Cans all De-Labeled

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