Electrocoagulation (EC)

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The Raw Organics delivered from separation from MSW using the Seerdrum is a useful source of biomass for conversion to energy or biochemical products such as cellulosic sugars. These downstream refining processes can create a waste water stream high in organics, suspended solids and other pollutants.

Vickers Seerdrum have developed an Electrocoagulation (EC) water treatment technology to clean up these waste waters and this is available as stand alone product if combined with other conventional processes such as feed buffer tanks and post treatment settlement and tertiary treatment.

What is Electrocoagulation (EC)?

Electro Coagulation (EC) is a well established technology for the treatment of waste water without the need for process chemicals such as Ferric, PAC or polymers. Instead, it uses a DC voltage which is applied to the waste water using electrodes. The waste water is the conductor allowing the current to pass between the electrodes. The electrical current destabilises the suspended solids allowing them to precipitate. The electrodes are metal, usually mild steel or aluminium and these are sacrificial slowly releasing metal ions into solution performing the same work as chemical coagulants.

The EC process produces significantly less sludge than chemical dosing systems such as DAF. Further,the sludge is easy to dewater and is a stable oxide minimising sludge handling costs.

A wide range of pollutants can be efficiently removed including heavy metals, suspended and colloidal solids, FOGs, bacteria, viruses, hydrocarbons, pesticides and herbicides.

EC is a good pre treatment to membrane technologies where high quality water re-use is required.

Applicable Industries

Pharmaceuticals - Metal Plating - Oil & Gas - Anaerobic Digestion - Mining - Concrete Crushing - Food Manufacturing -
Meat and Fish Processing - Vegetable Washing - Sludge Dewatering - Algae (Red Tide) Treatment - Textile & Dye - Water Treatment -
RO Pre-Treatment - Ground Remediation - Surface Water - Sewage Treatment - Car & Truck Wash - Coal Washing - Produced Water -
Landfill Leachate - Fracking - Sludge Dewatering

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